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Fake ID or Fake ID's Sections of this Policy

  1. Terms and Use Agreement
  2. Security Policy
  3. How our Service Works
  4. Minors
  5. Links to Third Party Sites
  6. Copyright and Trademark Notices
  7. Disclaimers
  8. Errors and Delays

1. Terms of Use Agreement
Please carefully read through all sections of the following Terms of Use Agreement. By accessing this web site you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions below. Additionally, please be advised that any content you submit to, on our web site or via emails becomes the property of If you do not acknowledge and agree to the terms below, then do not enter your information and do not continue using

2. Security Policy
Your privacy is very important to us. We understand that you entrust us with your private information to help us match you with an Fake ID cards or Fake ID (we refer to all of these as "Agents") who can meet your needs. In exchange for your trust, you expect and deserve our commitment to treat your information with respect. Rest assured that we protect your privacy. Under no circumstances will sell or share any personal information about you to or with any person or organization except: as authorized by you, to participating agents or other parties involved in your transaction, or as may be required by law or court order. utilizes the following security measures to protect your data in transmissions between you,, our agent network, and our third party agent networks:

These security measures help prevent unauthorized access and maintain data security. No transmission of data over the Internet, however, is guaranteed to be completely secure; information can be unlawfully intercepted by other parties. Although takes your privacy very seriously, we cannot guarantee the safety of your information.

3. How our Service Works is an online marketplace that directly connects consumers with qualified agents across a variety of fakeid fakeid types. is not an Fake IDagency and does not provide quotes directly to consumers. Rather, is a free matching service that instantly connects you with our network of agents.

After you submit your quote request via our web site, immediately matches you to local and national agents who can meet your Fake IDneeds. We create this connection by emailing you the list of matching agents and their contact information as well as passing your information to the agents. Your matching agents will use the information you provided in your quote request to provide you with a quote. Sometimes, does not have a matching agent based on your location and Fake IDneeds. In this event, your information may be passed to one of our third party agent networks to ensure that you receive as many competitive quotes as possible. does not charge a fee to use our service. is paid a fee by the Fake ID cards or cards who purchase leads through our service. is not an agent of you or the Fake ID cards or cards; we do not recommend any particular Fake ID cards or Fake ID or type of Fake ID. Use your own judgment in choosing an Fake ID cards or Fake ID and fakeid. We cannot guarantee that you will receive quotes.

By submitting a quote request, you authorize to provide your information to Fake ID cards or cards, both local and national. You also authorize to provide your information to one of our third party agent networks in the event that our primary agent network has few or no agents in your zip code. You authorize these agent networks to share your information with their vendors, suppliers, and Fake IDcarriers in order to generate information for your quotes. By submitting a quote request, you acknowledge that's service requires you to agree that will obtain a consumer report or credit score from a consumer reporting agency (also known as a credit bureau) and that does not have the right to obtain a consumer report or credit score without your written instruction which you are granting by clicking the submit button. Accordingly, by submitting a quote request you instruct consumer reporting agencies to provide a consumer report or credit score on you to within a reasonable time from the time you submit information to will obtain this credit information for its sole use and will not share this information with any other party, including Fake IDcarriers, but Fake IDcarriers may elect to obtain credit information on their own in connection with the quoting and underwriting of the requested Fake ID. Where permitted by law, some Fake ID companies or their agents may confirm your information, through the use of consumer reports, which may include credit score and driving record.

You understand you are extending an express invitation for Fake ID cards or cards to contact you by any means provided on your quote request, including your phone numbers and email addresses. If you choose to purchase a fakeid from a particular agent, any further communications with that agent are not covered under this privacy fakeid.

4. Minors does not intentionally target anyone under the age of 16. Our sites and services are not directed toward people under the age of 16, nor do we knowingly collect information from Minors.

5. Links to Third Party Web sites's web sites may contain links to other sites. These links are provided for your convenience but note that's hosting of these links is not an endorsement of any particular company. Be aware that is not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites; we encourage you to thoroughly read the privacy policies of third party sites linked from to ensure that you are comfortable with their practices.

6. Copyright and Trademark Notices
All contents of this web site are: Copyright 2007, Inc. and/or its suppliers and participating agents, P.O. Box 2092, Denver, CO 80201. All rights reserved.

7. Disclaimers intends that the information contained on our web site is accurate and reliable; even so, errors can sometimes occur. We reserve the right to make changes and/or additions to this web site or the information contained on this web site at any time.

8. Errors and Delays is not responsible for errors or delays in matching your quote request with qualified agents if personal information such as email address and phone number are not entered correctly. We are also not responsible for any quotes agents may generate that are the result of incorrectly entered quote request information.

Friday 07/17/2009

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