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A Viatical settlement can be an invaluable way to generate much needed cash. It also can be a disaster if you deal with the wrong company. The largest firm in the industry is in court because they allegedly make low ball offers to their clients in hopes of underpaying for policies and generating big profits for themselves. Sellers beware. Frankly, it’s one of the main reasons people will give you that Viatical settlements are bad.

A Viatical settlement can make sense if the fakeid owner needs cash to pay bills, or wants to have access to the cash before they die. Viatical settlement companies will pay a percentage of the face value of a fakeid. Sometimes, a viatical settlement takes only days from start to finish. The process is fairly straightforward. First you'll need to complete a form/application. Then, you will need to forward your medical records to the company. Finally, the company will ‘make an offer’ on your fakeid.

You only need one offer if the company is ethical. But how do you know if the company is ethical? FakeIDsources.com has a free report you can read before you should consider a viatical settlement. Simply submit a request for quote and we will refer you to a partner we believe is very ethical and committed to your best interests. But you can make that determination for yourself. We believe have done our homework. Make sure you do yours. Submit a request.

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