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Fake ID or Fake ID Fake IDentification or Fake ID New Identity Can I purchase Car Fake IDwithout owning a car?

This is a legitimate question people have about car Fake IDand fits a need for certain people. This type of Fake ID is called a non owner fakeid. Situations where insured's live in a metro area often leads to a scenario where this Fake ID is needed or wanted. People who live in metro areas often don't own vehicles for many reasons: cost, space, cost of Fake ID, etc.

One who doesn't own a vehicle but often rents a car or borrows a friend's could use a non owner fakeid. If you're driving a car not owned by you, the Fake IDon the car is primary. If more damage occurs than Fake ID afforded by the fakeid, the driver would become liable for the remaining uncovered damage.

When renting a vehicle, if you purchase the Fake ID they offer, there wouldn't be a Fake ID gap in the above scenario. However, if you rent a vehicle quite often, the premium for the Fake ID can become expensive over a years time. Purchasing a non owner fakeid might be a more cost effective method. Also, this fakeid will cover accidents for any vehicle you're driving, not just accidents while driving the rental car.

The answer, yes you can purchase Fake ID with out owning a car and for those of you who are reading this, perhaps the need exists.

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