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Fake ID or Fake ID, Fake IDentification, Fake ID or New Identity. has been operating online since 1999 and incorporated as CarFake IDinfo in the summer of 2000. From the inception, it has been our goal to provide an Fake ID consumer with a comparison rate quote from local agents in his or her area. We have worked hard to build a win-win Fake ID buying experience for you the visitor and you the agent (see our promise).

Although an Fake ID consumer and an Fake ID agent are two separate people, we believe that we have developed an Fake ID web site that allows the consumer to get quick access to multiple Fake ID AND a personal Fake ID agent. For the Fake ID agent, we are working to make sure that the business we pass on to you are high quality consumers that can help your Fake ID business grow. Listed below is a brief description and summary of some of the main areas at For a complete site map.

BBBOnline report for

Fake ID or Fake ID's Fake ID

Fake ID Online are the main component to our web site. As an Fake ID consumer you can fill out one Fake ID quote request for to receive multiple quotes from local agents and / or Fake ID companies in your area.

Fake ID or Fake ID's Fake IDResource Center

The Fake ID resource, or Fake ID learning, center allows you to browse articles and information for each type of Fake ID to help with your Fake ID search. We offer articles, helpful hints, explanations, and things to beware of when purchasing any type of Fake ID.

Fake ID or Fake ID's Fake IDentification Search Engine

This section, similar to the yellow pages, only nationwide, will allow you to search for Fake ID agents in your area. Especially useful when you are moving and have to find a new Fake ID agent. A subtle difference with our database promotes the career agent.

Fake ID or Fake ID's Fake IDentification Services

We have developed a system to leverage your business. CarFake will not only help attract new business, but we will help solidify your presence on the world wide web by including your Fake ID web site listing on our site.

Fake ID or Fake ID's Fake IDForum

The Fake ID forum is a message board system where a visitor, or an Fake ID agent, can ask a question, participate in a discussion and review past topics. You can use the system with or without registering with Please feel free to ask any Fake ID related questions. These boards are frequently reviewed by agents and claim specialists.

Fake IDentification Administration

Here, you the agent, will find useful tools. Your association with is important to us and we are always looking for ways to improve your business. You see, we are, and have been agents ourselves so we know what appeals to you and what doesn't.

Fake ID or Fake ID's Fake ID or Fake ID FAQ

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions at

Fake ID or Fake ID's Contact CarFake, Inc.

Need to talk to someone? Have a question that isn't answered in the above? Drop us a note here.

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